1. What is My Islamic Spouse?
It’s an Islamic matrimonial website designed to match compatible users according to a specific questionnaire based on common questions asked by potential spouses seeking marriage. It covers topics such as religious practice, lifestyle, personality, etc.
2. How is MIS any different from other Islamic matrimonial websites?
Well, for starters, we save you the time to ask all the most important questions you’d usually ask a potential spouse. This tedious time-consuming chit-chat doesn’t exist on our platform. MIS is not a dating website, it’s an Islamic matchmaking service for serious people.
3. How do I create my profile?

Register using your Gmail and phone number. Then enter information about yourself such as name/nickname, date of birth, location etc. To see other users' compatibility score, you must complete our compatibility questionnaire.

4. Is it FREE to use MIS?
Yes!! But there’s a catch. You have to complete our compatibility questionnaire in order to fully experience all our features. Once you fully complete our compatibility questionnaire, you will be able to see the most compatible users according to your search criteria and compatibility percentage according to how similar your answers are in the questionnaire.
5. How private is MIS?

Your photos and identity are private by default. You have the control to reveal your photo to users you match with. We also use the best privacy regulations to make sure your information is safe and secure.

6. Who can sign up?
MIS is a matrimonial service for all Muslims who are serious about looking for a spouse. Parents/guardians can also sign up on behalf of their children.
7. Can I send match requests and messages with users?
Yes!! You can. But, for users to send match requests and message requests, they have to complete our compatibility questionnaire. Why? Because we want our users to only start conversations with users who have the highest chance of leading to marriage. We passionately discourage chit-chat that leads to nowhere. This is not just a waste of time, but more importantly, it’s haram. Users can then focus the communication on the topics they need to.
8. How many users can I communicate with?

We have limited our users to only communicating with two people at a time. Why? Because we want our users to take their journey to find a spouse seriously. Talking to many people at a time is not helpful when you should pay full attention to the individual, you’re considering spending the rest of your life with. So, users can actively communicate with only two people at a time and they must close communication with one of the users before they can initiate communicating with another user.

9. How do I know profiles are genuine and real?

We require our users to register with their phone number and email address and verify them. We are also constantly monitoring our users and removing any users who are not serious or show inappropriate behaviour.

10. Can a parent sign up for their child?
Yes. We highly encourage the involvement of parents. We allow users to specifically filter out users who are willing to involve a parent from the get-go. And that is why we encourage sisters to further filter out those who are not serious. Brothers are also encouraged to talk with sisters who have their parent/wali/guardian involved in the interaction.
11. How do I contact MIS?

You can reach us through our “Contact Us” form for questions, suggestions and feedback. Alternatively, you can send us an email at contact@myislamicspouse.com.

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